Despite St. Croix Falls ranking high as an educational facility, we recognize that there is still room for improving the educational experience for many of our students.

Some students are challenged financially, so they may have issues related to nutrition or being able to participate in activities that require user fees. Some students are slow learners and may require additional learning aids or equipment. And some students are exceptional learners, and may not be challenged intellectually by traditional teaching methods.

This is why the STAR Education Foundation was conceived. STAR stands for Students, Teachers, Alumni and Residents; all of the individuals who comprise and contribute to the success and well being of our educational system and ultimately our community as a whole.


The Backpack Program offers a supplemental source of food each week of the school year to qualified students in our district. Each week, one child from a family will be given a backpack the last day of each school week. A variety of items will be inside that may include: tuna, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, macaroni and cheese, crackers, canned fruit or vegetables and a coupon for milk and a fruit or vegetable two times per month.


The program is confidential, and participation is FREE.


STAR Education Foundation wants to be instrumental in assisting teachers make their educational offerings in and outside the classroom as best as possible. We encourage our teachers to “think outside the box” to bring new ideas forward to keep learning fresh and fun for students. It’s also important that we make the process quick and easy to obtain these funds. Twice a year we offer a grant cycle for their requests. Follow-up requirements are also kept at a minimum, as we don’t want to burden our educators with more paperwork. We believe we’ve streamlined the process and have a good program in place. Our work is making a difference and we couldn’t be more proud of our combined efforts!



We believe that every student should have access to school-based enrichment. When students in our school district need help covering fees for athletics, field trips, and the like, we’re here to help. We never want a student to be denied access to all offered. Your generosity will ensure that needs are met and the best opportunities are available to everyone!